Drag-to-rotate utility for displaying image sequences

A simple tool that takes any number of image urls and allows the user to browse them by clicking and dragging across the image display area.

Click and touch events are normalized via a common drag/dragstart/dragend event interface for IE and mobile-safari support.

/* * @param circumference : the horizontal drag * required to loop through all images * * @param container : dom element where image * should be rendered * * @param imageUrls : an array of paths to * the images in the rotator */ rotator.create({ circumference : 400, container : document.getElementById('myrotate'), imageUrls : [ '11.jpg', '10.jpg', '09.jpg', '08.jpg', '07.jpg', '06.jpg', '05.jpg', '04.jpg', '03.jpg', '02.jpg', '01.jpg' ] });

fig 1. A period jacked being rotated in place View example

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